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4 Reasons to Always Be Recruiting

Medical Sales Recruiting

The most successful salespeople will always be closing, so it makes sense that the best recruiters should always be recruiting! Even if you don’t have any open medical sales jobs, you should be actively looking for fresh talent. Here are the top reasons to adopt a proactive recruitment strategy:

Empty positions are expensive.

According to ourinfographic, 38 percent of companies have open positions they can’t fill. And it’s taking longer and longer to fill those positions. In 2014, the interview process alone took 22.9 days in the U.S., according to aGlassdoorreport.

Having a sales position open for that long means you have territories that are un- or under-serviced, which means lost business and lost revenue. Keeping your talent pipeline full will decrease the time a job goes unfilled and decrease the amount of money lost from the open position.

Relationships take time.

According to a LinkedIn survey,45 percent通过的ive candidates are open to talking with a recruiter. But persuading them to leave a job in which they’re happy will take time. You need to first build a relationship with passive medical sales talent, before you can convince them to make a switch to your company. Start connecting with top talent before you need them.

Industry needs change.

The industry is always changing, which means the needs of your medical sales team will change. Using predictive analytics and big data, you can identify the skills and talent you will need in the near future. If you start early, you can scoop up these professionals before your competitors do.

Prepare for the unexpected.

Your top sales reps could leave at any moment. About75 percentof working professionals surveyed by LinkedIn in 2014 would consider switching jobs if the right offer came along. What’s more, the national sales turnover rate in 2014 was22%, according to a report from CSO Insights. Your best medical sales talent could already be on their way out the door. A proactive recruitment strategy will prepare you for any unexpected changes in your sales team.

Finding the right medical sales rep for your team is challenging, but keeping your eye out for talent, even when you don’t have open positions, can help speed up the process.