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Attract the Top Talent You Need With the Benefits They Want

World pandemic, murder hornets, and one of the most heated presidential elections in history — 2020 has tested us all. The workforce has changed too.

Many jobs became remote positions. Spare bedrooms became offices. Water coolers were replaced with Zoom meetings. Coworkers were no longer limited to office colleagues. Instead, the workplace is now shared by spouses, children, and pets.

Forged in fire, the 2020 workforce has evolved. They’ve reflected upon what’s important to them and what they need to be successful in their careers.Salary is no longer a huge motivator for job seekers.They need more.

When looking for your next top medical sales hire, highlight the benefits that mean the most. Beat out the competition in sales from other companies to recruit your strongest candidates.

Remote work options

The pandemic has forced many employees to become the primary caregivers for children, parents, or even siblings. As employees quarantine, their options for bringing in outside help are limited. Home has become a safe place for everyone, even those without children. And more employees are looking for the opportunity to work remotely.

With sales calls becoming virtual, there’s no strong argument for having salespeople in the office. To outshine your competition in the hiring world, translate the medical sales rep role into a completely virtual one. Reconfigure team meetings and training to support this new need. Trim unnecessary travel. Rethink how business can be done remotely.

Flexible work hours

In 2020, working from home doesn’t always mean working alone. The pandemic makes school and day care schedules unpredictable. Children might be home unexpectedly with no outside help. Spouses might be suddenly sent home from their jobs to add to the chaos. Flexible hours allow employees to get their work done during nap times or after everyone has gone to bed.

灵活和创造性。Focus on results, not schedules. Successful medical sales reps will continue to close, even if their hours are atypical. Show that you understand the need for a fluid work schedule to stand out from the rest of the competition in sales hiring.

Health care

Benefits continue to be important to job seekers. COVID-19 pushed health to the front of everyone’s minds, and each sniffle and cough can send you running to a doctor’s office now. More than ever, employees want to keep themselves and their families healthy.

Offer competitive and affordablehealth benefits,允许preventative care and medical assistance if ever needed.

Health and wellness stipends

In addition to great health insurance, the competition in sales recruiting may come down to stipends. In an unusually stressful year, sales reps are finding creative ways to unwind without leaving home.

Home gym equipment sales are up. More people are now subscribing to virtual workout programs and meditation apps. Companies are stepping up to the plate with monthly stipends to cover these extra expenses.

Think of how you can support your medical sales reps. It’s more than just investing in their physical and mental health. It’s showing them that you care enough to offer this benefit right out of the gate.

Growth plan

Successful medical sales reps are self-motivated. Personal growth drives them to get better numbers, perform in management positions, and keep excelling. They don’t want to hear that they’ll be in the same role for the rest of their career. They need a plan that helps support their dreams.

Take a look at your org chart. What does the growth path look like for each department? Each role? What’s the timeline for promotion? Mention it in your job description. Talk through it during the interview. And always be clear in the expectations of the roles you’re hiring.

Clear focus and mission

Your medical sales reps will have several goals for their future. Does the company have the same? What is the product roadmap for the next year? Next five years? Next decade? Although no one has a crystal ball, candidates will gain confidence from knowing there’s a committed plan in place.

Reexamine your company mission statement with a critical eye. Many companies needed to adapt in 2020 to thrive during an economic downturn. Does your mission need to be updated to reflect these changes?

Also, does the mission statement clearly articulate what your company offers? Use plain language to get to the point and draw in your next talent. Hold yourself to the same standard you would hold your new recruits. Don’t overpromise if you can’t deliver.