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The Top Employee Benefits Recruiters Need to be Talking About

When it comes to luring in new employees, recruiters have a few options. Sometimes, the job itself is enough to bring in a number of hopeful applicants who want to work for their dream company. The salary is another draw as everyone wants to earn more money or maximize their earning potential. However, there’s another […]

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The Art of Turning Down a Medical Sales Job

You jumped through all of the hoops to get a new medical sales job. You completed all of the interviews, spoke with numerous people at the company and even prepared a short sales pitch to show off your skills. However, for whatever reason, you can’t take the job you just accepted. What do you do […]

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Medical Sales Reps Want Recruiters to Stop Making These Mistakes

In order to find the best candidates for medical sales jobs, many companies turn to recruiters. They hire these recruiters to keep an eye on social media sites, LinkedIn and job boards in order to find workers who might be able to step into the jobs that need to be fulfilled. However, not all recruiters […]

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Ways to Highlight Your Strengths In A Medical Sales Job Interview

Selling yourself is an important part of every job interview. When you go in to speak to a recruiter or human resources worker for a medical sales job interview, you’ll be asked to highlight as many strengths as possible. In order to do this effectively, you need to not only know which strengths are best […]

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6 Cost-Effective Tools For Your Medical Sales Job Hunt

Preparing to apply for medical sales jobs requires more than just an updated resume and a detailed cover letter. You also need a number of different tools in order to successfully interview for jobs and stay organized so you don’t miss out on submitting an assessment on time. Thankfully, many of these tools are inexpensive […]

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Tips to Kick Anxiety Before a Medical Sales Interview

Do you suffer from interview anxiety? If so, you aren’t alone. Most people get nervous before interviews and even start panicking about them the night before. It’s the combination of not knowing what to expect when you get there and the “please hire me” vibes that tend to amp up the anxiety. Unfortunately, being anxious […]

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5 Sales Training Courses That Will Make You Outshine Competitors

虽然你不一定需要一个专门的地中海ical sales training course in order to qualify for a job in the field, it never hurts to have this type of training. After all, the field is fairly competitive and employers want to hire workers who they know will be able to get the job done. By […]

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7 Methods to Help College Students Pave Their Way in Medical Sales

College students who want to get into medical sales have several options. On top of majoring in business or marketing, as well as taking biology and other pre-med courses, they should get some experience in the field. Thankfully, there are some things that people who already work in the field can do to help college […]

Don’t Send Your Medical Device Sales Resume Without These 4 Must-Haves
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Don’t Send Your Medical Sales Resume Without These 4 Must-Haves

Getting into medical device sales requires quite a bit of knowledge. Many employers, unless the job is for entry-level sales, want to see what type of experience you have in the field as well. Add in the fact that human resources workers and recruiters tend to quickly view your resume looking for specific keywords, and […]

What Type of Medical Company Should You Pursue?
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What Type of Medical Sales Company Should You Pursue?

When it comes to medical sales jobs, there are plenty of options. Going beyond which specialty you prefer, you also need to pick a type of medical sales company. All of these options, ranging from the big-name Fortune 500 members to the smaller startups, have their own sets of pros and cons. Understanding them can […]